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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Saturday 05.05.2001

Day 7

Igor picked us up at 10am. We picked up Sheila and dropped her off at Benjamin's orphanage. We then went to see Laura. Her group was already out in the back. We played with her in the back for a while. Then we walked around to the front & played near Igor's van. She had cookies and M&Ms. The director gave her a dried apricot, which she loved. We managed to get her to come to the van by offering her M&Ms as a reward-Sarah sat in the van and held out and M&M & Laura would go over & get it. However she had no interest in getting into the van.
At noon we left. We won't be back to see Laura until Monday morning.
Next we picked up Sheila at Benjamin's orphanage. They were outside, so we met Benjamin & took pictures of them.
We then went to the Ramstore Mall. First stop: Baskin Robbins. Went to the supermarket & got some stuff, including a ball for Laura & dried apricots! Sheila got some stuff too, and then we drove up a Mt overlooking Almaty. The TV & Radio tower is here, as well as the top of the cable car ride & many restaurants. Went back into town to get Don. Went back up the mountain & had delicious shish kabobs (lamb, chicken, pork) in a gazebo overlooking the city. Jim had Kazak beer-good.
After dinner, went to rug factory in the city-it was closing at 5pm & we got there 10 minutes before closing.
Will go back another day.
Dropped Sheila off at her apt & we got dropped off at the local internet cafe, where we sent/read emails, sent pics (including Sheila/Ben pics to Sheila's boyfriend) & checked on the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Back at apt. at 6:20pm

Today we only went to once to see Laura. When we were done we went to pick up Sheila (the lady who went with us) up at her orphanage. When we picked her up we also got to see her 5 month son. Then we went up to a huge hill that overlooks Almaty! After a couple of minutes we went to get Don (works for EAC). Then we went back up the hill and ate at one of the five restaurants. When we were done at 4:30 we went down to the rug factory, but it was closed, so we dropped Sheila off at her apartment. Then we were dropped off at the internet place (Fight Club 2). We stayed there for 1 hour back our apartment. We did some stuff until our cook came and cooked us dinner.

Even though we had a big meal of shish kabobs, Olga & Edward came over with dinner. We had mini-meatloaves with fried cauliflower, salads, candies & dried apricots (which we had purchased earlier at the Ramstore)
Watched TV talked with Suze & went to bed.

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